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Fri Nov 1 07:15:16 MDT 2013

Hollywood Does the Beat Generation
Beat These Films!

Over the past three years there have been no less than four narrative 
films about the beat generation, starting with “Howl” in September 2010. 
Walter Salles’s “On the Road” followed in 2012, and then just a month 
ago “Kill Your Darlings”, about Ginsberg and Kerouac at Columbia 
University, arrived. And now there is “Big Sur” that opens on November 
first at the Cinema Village in New York. All of these films reflect 
continued interest in the lives and work of Kerouac, Ginsberg, 
Burroughs, et al, motivated in large part by a new generation of 
“hipsters” needing to understand what Ginsberg called “the Nightmare of 
Moloch”. This article will assess the four films as well as a BBC 
documentary featuring Russell Brand that traces Kerouac’s itinerary in 
“On the Road”, a film that says more about Brand than it does about 
Kerouac. It will conclude with some thoughts about the connections 
between the beats and the radical movement, something that deserves a 
book of its own.

full: http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/11/01/beat-these-films/

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