[Marxism] Syria: "A once stable country with beautiful historical sites would be destroyed"?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Nov 1 09:43:43 MDT 2013

Val Moghadam,

I just read the interview you gave to Against the Current 
(http://www.solidarity-us.org/site/node/4015) in which you uttered the 
words in the subject heading of this email. This does not sound like the 
words found in a leftwing magazine but something more akin to 
Tripadvisor review by a well-to-do Western European in search of exotic 
Arabian nights.

Are you aware that Syria participated in the CIA extraordinary rendition 
program? Do you care? Do you think that the Canadian citizen who was 
dragged off to Syria for no good reason at all and who was tortured for 
months on end cares much about the beautiful historical sites? I don't 
think that they were visible from his dungeon.

You also say: "The use of chemical weapons (by whom?)".

Well, have you had an opportunity to examine the studies conducted by 
the Brown Moses website? They make it quite clear that the Baathists 
were responsible. Or are you one of the willing fools who puts credence 
in the Mint Press/Global Research narratives? How depressing.

You are honest enough to state: "In the 1990s, in the choice between 
Algeria’s government and the Islamist rebellion, I chose the state." You 
also chose the Soviet-backed Afghan government against the Islamists 
there during the 1980s. Aren't you aware that there are other choices 
open to the left? Namely, to back neither the jihadists or a "secular" 
dictatorship? You really reek of the Spartacist League on these 
questions. Quite disgusting, in all honesty. I would have thought that a 
tenured sociologist giving interviews to a "socialism from below" 
magazine would have been capable of greater nuance.

Have a nice day.

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