[Marxism] A Century of Lenin's 'Imperialism'

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A Century of Lenin's Imperialism

In the Preface to the French and German editions of Imperialism, Lenin writes....

the main purpose of the book was, and remains, to present, on the basis of the summarised returns of irrefutable bourgeois statistics, and the admissions of bourgeois scholars of all countries, a composite picture of the world capitalist system in its international relationships at the beginning of the twentieth century—on the eve of the first world imperialist war [1]Today, we are living through the second decade of the 21st century, containing sublated within its development all the historical unfolding of the 20th century and the progressive broadening and deepening of the structural crisis of the reproduction of the whole capital system on a global level. Almost a century of development of the capitalist system has taken place between the writing of Lenin's famous work on Imperialism and the stage at which the capitalist system has arrived today.

One can observe, of course, certain features of Lenin's description of the pre-first world war Imperialism of his time historically modified and presented today but what we have to acknowledge is that we have now most definitely entered a new stage of development of the capitalist system. It is a stage fundamentally characterised by its structural crisis and the 'activation of its absolute limits'...

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