[Marxism] French retail union has clout to bargain to cut the day but not the pay

Peggy Dobbins pegdobbins at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 16:32:49 MST 2013

This from print edition of ft.com.   I don't know why they make it so hard for me to email from their highly touted URL what I read on  paper so often more interesting and absent from on line

Anyhoooo. It suggests just the situation when  a savy union could extract a cut in hours, no cut in pay, AND new jobs but. Nay.  Looks like the chance will dribble away.  Seems so obvious, 
Let the stores be open in exchange for firm firm gov enforced contract for reduced hours same pay.   The French should not fall for triple pay for overtime, but that looks like the way.   Anyone know anyone in CFTC?
Sanctity of day everyone rests should only be needed  you don't have a good union nor a socialist gov.



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