[Marxism] Roastbusters, NZ police and rape

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 18:33:17 MST 2013

People around the globe might have come across the case in NZ of a bunch of
entitled young middle class males who have been, in essence, raping young
girls (13, 14 and 15) - getting them drunk, stupefying them, 'having sex'
with them (in reality, raping them) and then boasting about it on the
internet.  Apparently they've been doing it for several years, while the
cops have been 'monitoring' the situation.  One of the young rapists is the
son of a police officer in Auckland, where the rapes have been taking
place.  Another is the son of a TV presenter.

While being middle class, the young men have piercings, caps and clothes
which affect a 'boyz in the hood' fake-proletarian look.

The official line is that there is 'insufficient evidence' to charge them
with *anything*.  Even though they are boasting of having sex with
under-age girls, which I would've thought constitutes statutory rape
anyway, especially since the males themselves are some years above the age
of consent.

The cops in NZ have been undergoing all kinds of 'anti-sexist' and
'anti-racist' training for quite a few years now, to make them a police
force for the 21st century presumably, so this is probably quite
illuminating about them.

Anyway, there's some discussion on the issue at Redline:

We've also stuck up a piece about the appalling outcome of the struggle (or
non-struggle) at Grangemouth, one of the largest plants in Scotland, where
a threatened union fightback turned into abject surrender and what the
lessons are of this.  It was sent to us by John McAnulty, who is on this


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