[Marxism] How Teddy Roosevelt saved football

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> Oh horrors!  Potentially major changes in football.
> Yer breakin' my heart!

But few football  fans can match the support offered to the game by the mayor of Toronto:

"Ford is also a big football fan, enough of one that he invited his high-school football coach David Price to join his team at City Hall, inventing an estimated $130,000 per year position in his office (“director of operations and logistics”) that he would not describe to the media — Price later repaid Ford by making a series of supportive calls to Ford’s radio show claiming to be different people. Though he was dismissed as head coach of Etobicoke’s Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School’s football team following the initial rush of crack accusations in May, Ford had by that time already hired a former drug enforcer with a history of violent crimes to coach the team."


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>> The NFL, I think, could easily weather any lawsuits concerning either
>> hazing or brain damage from concussion, but what could lead to major
>> changes in American football might be lawsuits directed against high
>> schools over brain damage suffered by players.  Even one or two successful
>> lawsuits could have the effect of driving up the rates for liability
>> insurance, that schools have to carry, to prohibitively high levels.  In
>> the US, most football players start out as high school players, then they
>> go on to become college players, then if they're good enough, they go into
>> the NFL. If the supply of players should get choked off at the high school
>> level, that will eventually impact the NFL.
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>> Subject: [Marxism] How Teddy Roosevelt saved football
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>> This controversy over bullying at the Miami Dolphins and that Tony
>> Dorsett, a Dallas Cowboys running back from the 1980s, has brain damage
>> makes me think that a leftist history of football in the USA is long
>> overdue. This is just the kind of thing that Dave Zirin could write.
>> Fundamentally, we are dealing with a new form of gladiator
>> combat--something that is pretty obvious--but that requires fleshing
>> out. The book reviewed below was written by a rightwing dickwad
>> (superfluous, no?) but the events themselves sound deserving of a
>> leftist take.
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