[Marxism] How Teddy Roosevelt saved football

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I thought that I posted my football/imperialism piece earlier.  It is a
small section of my new Matrix book.


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> The NFL, I think, could easily weather any lawsuits concerning either
> hazing or brain damage from concussion, but what could lead to major
> changes in American football might be lawsuits directed against high
> schools over brain damage suffered by players.  Even one or two successful
> lawsuits could have the effect of driving up the rates for liability
> insurance, that schools have to carry, to prohibitively high levels.  In
> the US, most football players start out as high school players, then they
> go on to become college players, then if they're good enough, they go into
> the NFL. If the supply of players should get choked off at the high school
> level, that will eventually impact the NFL.
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> Subject: [Marxism] How Teddy Roosevelt saved football
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> This controversy over bullying at the Miami Dolphins and that Tony
> Dorsett, a Dallas Cowboys running back from the 1980s, has brain damage
> makes me think that a leftist history of football in the USA is long
> overdue. This is just the kind of thing that Dave Zirin could write.
> Fundamentally, we are dealing with a new form of gladiator
> combat--something that is pretty obvious--but that requires fleshing
> out. The book reviewed below was written by a rightwing dickwad
> (superfluous, no?) but the events themselves sound deserving of a
> leftist take.
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