[Marxism] Step by Step (Khutwa, Khutwa)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Nov 8 07:37:04 MST 2013

Shot in the muddy, mountainous Syrian coastal village of Rama in 
1976-77, Step by Step tells the story of a tobacco-producing community 
whose youth are demeaned in school and whose families endure marked 
economic hardships. As a result, many bored and disillusioned male 
teenagers joined the army or migrated to the city.

The film explores how, at the outset, the Baath party consolidated its 
rule by capitalizing on the poverty and despair of the marginalized 
Alawi minority living in the mountains. Muhammad’s film aptly captures 
those transformative years, during which his characters internalize the 
soclialist and pan-Arab rhetoric promoted by the Baath party and develop 
an unconditional support for the regime.


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