[Marxism] "Attitude Towards Roma Similar to that of Second World War"

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Fri Nov 8 23:31:16 MST 2013

"Attitude Towards Roma Similar to that of Second World War"
By Nikoleta Kalmouki

06/11/2013 - The story of the little blond girl, Maria found in a Roma 
camp in Farsala, monopolized the Greek and international media for 
several weeks and revealed a tough reality. Racial discrimination 
towards Roma, or Gypsies as they are often called, are still continuing 
in Greece and in many European countries.

Erika Schlager, an expert on issues concerning Roma rights and legal 
adviser of the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, 
spoke to the "Voice of America" about this phenomenon.
Erika Schlager has visited Greece and many of Roma camps in different 
parts of the country. "Poverty frightens and marginalizes" she says. 
"The world will always see poverty as part of the Roma identity, and 
this is fueling the creation of stereotypes." The poor Roma stand out, 
while Roma who are integrated into society pass unnoticed.

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