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"these groups worship"? as far as I know the only group that is morenist in the FIT is the IS (izquierda Socialists) which is the smallest of the three. 
So, if trotskyism leads to fragmentation and irrelevancy, how is a trotskyist 'united' front that receives 1.2million votes nationwide and averages 30% of the votes in the working class, that won 4 national seats and almost 10 provincial seat even possible? both cannot be true.

Marxism is a combination of theory and praxis, as Marx himself explained it. anything else is charlatanry. 
Plejanov was the father of Russian marxism , and a anti-Leninist and an  anti-bolchevik. If you are such a renegade about Marxism you could probably move to Sweden where capitalism is not so 'bestial'.

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>On 11/9/13 7:58 PM, LEO wrote:
>> are the 30k missing comrades a way to squandered opportunities?
>This kind of cheap demagogy cannot compensate for the structural 
>deficiencies of Trotskyism, with its vain hopes about replicating 
>Lenin's party through the application of schemas that do nothing except 
>led to fragmentation and irrelevancy.
>Here's a snippet of the wisdom of the cult leader these groups worship:
>"Only Trotskyism, conducting the proletariat, will make it possible for 
>mankind to enter into the stage of the conquest of the cosmos, that 
>means, the creation of artificial satellites with a quality of life as 
>good as on earth, that will collect solar energy and send it to earth by 
>microwaves in order to have an energy nearly free of charge and in 
>infinite quantity."
>Back in 1974 I led a faction fight in the Houston branch of the SWP 
>defending the Morenoites in Argentina as the purest expression of 
>Bolshevism outside the SWP. Within 5 years these two sects had become 
>bitter enemies.
>The only reason I remained a Marxism after going through this idiocy is 
>that capitalism is so bestial.
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