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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Nov 9 20:02:27 MST 2013

On 11/9/13 9:38 PM, Leozino Listas wrote:
> The FIT is not something that happened during this elections and surprised
> everyone in the left. It is the culmination of important advances made by
> the left in working class in the past 10 years. The future is undecided,
> whether it will implode or not is yet unknown. Trotskyist in argentina have
> more than simple illusions, they have a strategy.

The more interesting question is why there are three Trotskyist groups 
in the FIT. I beg your pudding for not knowing that the Workers Party 
was not Morenoite--it is hard to keep track without a scorecard.

On a more fundamental note, there is no more reason that there should be 
3 different groups each with their own "Fourth International" in 
Argentina as there is for the Taaffe and Woods group to be running their 
own franchises in Britain in competition with each other. Burger King 
versus McDonalds...

About 15 years ago I spent a weekend at Scott McLemee's place in 
Washington. At the time, we were good friends at the time. We drove to 
the Smithsonian where his wife worked and went to the reserved books 
section that he liked to haunt, this time to refer me to the tomes of 
Robert Alexander that I was familiar with from my peregrinations through 
the Columbia library.

He picked up a copy of Alexander's "Trotskyism in Latin America" and 
thumbed through the pages with a frown on his face. All these different 
groups, he said, lost to posterity. Tch-tch. You could turn to any page 
and see the same alphabet soup of names: the Workers Party, the 
Revolutionary Socialist League, the Communist Alliance, the Proletarian 
Voice. Each one numbering no more than a hundred members and each one 
with its own Fourth International. I could have told Scott that this was 
in their destiny. They were following a path that condemned them to 

On October 31 Juan Gallardo announced to the list the great news. A 
coalition of 3 Trotskyist groups had gotten a big vote. He linked to 
wikipedia articles on the participants. If you go to the one for the 
Workers Party, you will discover that it a section of The Coordinating 
Committee for the Refoundation of the Fourth International. I take one 
look at the name of this "genuine" FI and my hair began to hurt.

The American section is called Refoundation and Revolution, which seems 
to be doing entry work in Solidarity. Wikipedia is not clear on this. 
The group emerged out of something called the Trotskyist League that was 
a "splinter of the Revolutionary Workers League", and the US section of 
the International Trotskyist Opposition.

I say good luck to you in Argentina whatever it is you are up to. I 
created this mailing list as an alternative to this madness and as you 
probably can figure out most of its 1500 subscribers came here for the 
same reason.

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