[Marxism] UCLA Has More NCAA Championships Than Black Male Freshmen

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 10 08:15:44 MST 2013

"American universities are exemplary here: they are less racist and 
sexist than they were 40 years ago and at the same time more elitist."

--Walter Benn Michaels 

The black students at University of California, Los Angeles, sent a 
strong message about diversity at their school. Namely, the fact that 
there isn't much when it comes to African-American males, a troubling 
fact for one of the state's most elite institutions.

A group of students, led by Sy Stokes, posted a video voicing their 
concerns about the number of black students on campus, and their message 
is hard to ignore. Stokes, a third-year Afro-American studies student 
who identifies as black, Cherokee and Chinese, recites a spoken word 
poem in the video, citing blaring statistics about the university's 
diversity issue.

According to the school's enrollment statistics, African-Americans make 
up 3.8 percent of the student population. In the video, Stokes points 
out that black males make up 3.3 percent of the male student population, 
and that 65 percent of those black males are undergraduate athletes. Of 
the incoming men in the freshmen class, only 1.9 percent of them were black.

The state of California voted down affirmative action in 1996 and passed 
Proposition 209, which banned state schools from considering race, 
gender, ethnicity or national origins in their admissions processes. 
Black student enrollment has severely decreased since that provision and 
critics are saying that has to change.


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