[Marxism] Down with amoebaism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 10 11:36:20 MST 2013

On 11/10/13 12:40 PM, Leozino Listas wrote:
> And the PTS was never MORENIST it broke with Moreno's theory of the
> the democratic revolution  to go back to trotsky's theory of the permanent
> revolution.

I think most of us were expecting some explanation why this 10,000 
member MAS split into 20 different groups but instead you offer this as 
what? An explanation of the sort of ideological litmus tests that 
justifies this amoeba-like fragmentation?

In fact it matters very little to us that so-and-so broke with so-and-so 
over the "theory of the permanent revolution" versus the "theory of the 
democratic revolution". We would have preferred to see that 10,000 
strong organization become one of 100,000. More to the point, we are 
sick and tired of "vanguard" organizations hitting a glass ceiling as 
was the case with the British SWP and now is likely happening with the 
ISO, the largest group on the left in the USA. By this point, most of us 
have figured out how to split an organization. I went through this drill 
numerous times in the SWP of the USA. We are far more interested in 
unity and have keen interest in initiatives being taken in that 
direction in Australia and Britain.

In terms of Moreno versus Trotsky's theories having anything to do with 
a split, we should never forget that Lenin, Trotsky, and Martov all 
belonged to the same party despite having radically different "theories" 
about the revolution in Russia. Lars Lih and Pham Binh demonstrated 
rather conclusively that until the Bolsheviks took power, they were all 
considered members of the Russian Social Democratic Party even if with 
different factions.

I created this mailing list in 1998 in order to create an alternative 
way of thinking about party-building. The list that preceded was far too 
lenient with various Maoists and Trotskyists who looked forward to the 
idea of splitting the mailing list through expulsions (unsubbing) or the 
creation of new lists with which heavy polemical artillery could be 
unleashed against the old list that they had abandoned--an obvious 
imitation of the amoeba-like tendencies that existed in real space as 
opposed to cyberspace.

Down with amoebaism!

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