[Marxism] WikiLeaks reveals ‘unintended consequences’ of US sanctions

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 01:35:27 MST 2013

In August 2002, Bush enacted the American Service-Members' Protection Act
(ASPA), which prohibited military aid to countries which had ratified the
Rome Statute unless they signed an Article 98 agreement.

Further measures passed in 2004, known as the “Nethercutt Amendment”,
extended the scope of the sanctions to Economic Support Funds (ESF)

ESF funds are provided to “countries of strategic interest to US foreign
policy” for a variety of programs including peacekeeping, “democracy
promotion” and “counter-narcotics” initiatives.

NATO countries and designated “major non-NATO allies” were exempted from
these measures. The restrictions could also be waived if the president
deemed it “important to the national interest of the United States”.

For other states, the only way to avoid the sanctions was to sign an
Article 98 agreement. By May 2005, 100 had done so, while 20 states were
subject to ASPA
seven subject to Nethercutt measures for failing to sign.

By Bush’s second term, support for these measures had waned, but not
because of a softening of the administration’s hostility towards
international law.


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