[Marxism] Down with amoebaism

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 04:38:53 MST 2013

Interesting Alan, well moderately interesting.  Of course Socialist
Alternative feel they have the wind in their sails.  Once upon a time, we
in IS in Brisbane had 39 members and a sizable periphery, then came the
split of 81 and we were all scattered to the winds.
It is impossible to foretell what will happen, but hubris cannot be denied
and my best guess for future developments is for some broad front to
emerge, especially if the Central banks abandon their current strategy of
keeping inflation going around 2%. If instead of fighting deflation the
central bankers yield to those capitalists who want to bring on deflation,
then we will be in a qualitatively different period.  It will be brutal and
hard and then new leaders may emerge.

Some of us shall see.



On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 11:33 AM, Alan Bradley <alanb1000 at yahoo.com> wrote:

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> From: Gary MacLennan
> > Those still built on "party" building are in a hole and they are digging
> > frantically.
> Socialist Alternative don't see it that way. From their perspective they
> are taking the lead, increasing their influence, and growing.
> Of course, part of that is that Socialist Alliance is largely keeping out
> of their way and actually helping them in many cases.
> And that is one of the interesting aspects. To an extent, and largely
> unconsciously, Socialist Alliance is sacrificing its own growth in favour
> of helping SAlt. (At least, that's my impression from Toowoomba). The unity
> process *was* Socialist Alliance's party building strategy.
> It's not over yet, either. Even without the formal process, the
> collaborative approach can and should continue. At worst, much of the
> remnants of Socialist Alliance will end up collapsing into SAlt. Boo hoo.
> But, of course, that raises the question of what would happen to the
> others. In fact, we have seen a degree of amoebaism in Australia recently.
> Only about half of the original membership of the Revolutionary Socialist
> Party joined Socialist Alternative. The rest ended up scattered all over
> the landscape. None of them seem to have formed new groups - although there
> seems to have been a half-hearted attempt in Brisbane.
> There have even been a degree of scattering from the Socialist Alliance as
> well. Again, this has been largely unorganised individuals, but there has
> been a specific case of an individual joining a crypto-Stalinist Spartoid
> sect that could probably fit it's entire membership in a phone box.
> Yes, the Australian left is growing new sects. Just what we need.
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