[Marxism] Australian amoebaism

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 12 18:45:32 MST 2013

While I'm a big fan of the idea of not being tourists, living in the working classand all of that, and have gone on the record advocating that many times, there is another side that has to be remembered: without youth recruitment, your organisation will die.

We've seen this in Australia, where the Communist Party of Australia (the current one, not the original) has hollowed out over decades due to a lack of youth recruitment. Basically, nobody cares about them as an organisation any more. Some of their people are good activists, but as an organisation - nothing.

This is the sane part of the "combat party" model - it is oriented towards radicalising youth. On a good day this can keep an organisation relatively sane and healthy for an extended period. Or, of course, they can all go batshit crazy in short order.

Unfortunately we haven't yet found a model that can combine the energy and activism of youth and the ability to reliably maintain long term commitment from folks with less time (who may not actually be older than the more footloose "youth").

This is one of the differences between Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative. Socialist Alliance has more members on paper, but seems to have fewer young people on the ground. The actual leaderships seem to have similar age profiles, which is a good reason to unite, since a whole layer of comrades in both groups are getting a bit long in the tooth.

The youth are critical, and we need to organise accordingly. And also allow for everyone else, somehow.

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