[Marxism] Australian amoebaism

Gregory Adler gregadler502 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 05:40:22 MST 2013

The correspondence between Socialist Alternative and the Socialist Alliance
and the posts from comrades Alan and Gary
seem to me to show what is wrong with the organised socialist movement in
Australia now.

On S Alt part there seems to be a worry about revolutionary purity when a
real push for action on the left would be most appropriate right now. On
the part of S All the desire to stay away from public discussion and to
restrict things to the national leadership seems a sad throwback to past

All sides also seem to have a desire to ensure that any blame to be had
falls on some one else. If socialists are not up to pulling together in the
current world situation and that which applies in Australia I think we can
be assured that there will be plenty of blame to share in down the track
but by then it will all be a little too late-but at least we will have
really stuck it to Mick Armstrong.
Greg Adler

On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 8:47 PM, Gary MacLennan
<gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com>wrote:

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> Comrade Armstrong is very much like the Bourbons were supposed to be.  He
> forgets nothing and he learns nothing. He is the original hardliner and to
> put him in charge of "unity" talks is actually a joke. He sees the world in
> a lens made up of fantasies that could be described as Bolshevik dreaming.
> To talk of 'mass insurrection' of the working class as being the touchstone
> to define differences between the organizations borders on the insane given
> the conditions we are in here in Australia.
> I never believed that the Socialist Alternative were serious about these
> talks and Armstrong's letter convinces me I was correct.  I suspect that
> what this so called unity push is about is mopping up rivals on the
> far-Left.  At the end of it there will be fewer people committed to radical
> politics.
> Ah well. Somewhere, sometime, something will break for us, but the likes of
> Mick Armstrong won't lead it.
> comradely
> Gary
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