[Marxism] A Radical Vision for Victory

michael yates mikedjyates at msn.com
Sat Nov 16 16:23:54 MST 2013

Charlie asks whether our book about the Freedom Budget goes into the incompatibility of capitalism and full employment. Yes, it does. We think that the original Freedom Budget was a product of the "American Century" of Keynesian optimism and did not deal at all effectively with the nature of capitalism. We think that people must make demands on the state, the more radical the better, and decently remunerated and meaningful work is one such demand. I think that whatever makes working people more secure should be demanded: single payer healthcare, security in old age, a steady flow of income, etc. Plus things that make life enjoyable, such as access to nature, free time, good and liberal education, etc. But for me, besides demands made on the state, it will be necessary to engage in collective and egalitarian self=help measures, as did organizations like the Black Panthers, workers in some general strikes, parts of the Occupy movement, and many other collective and cooperative entities.

Like most people, I grope toward visions of a better future. But I can't help but see that the masses of people worldwide have been abandoned by their governments, increasingly abused by the rich, their employers, and anyone else who can make a buck from human misery. Plus our environment faces multiple catastrophes, the results of which we can see all around us. What will save us except collective self organization? 		 	   		  

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