[Marxism] Critique of Zizek on Syria

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Sun Nov 17 20:20:53 MST 2013

I really appreciate the stuff  of his own and others  that  Michael has
been bringing to
our attention on Syria. This piece by Leil-Zahra is a brilliant refutation
of and putdown
of Zizek's inane posturing on the Syrian revolution.

The only reservation I have is that it is surely time to recognise that for
Marxists or anyone
with the least seriousness in their approach to the issues raised in the
Syrian revolution to
recognise that Zizek's opinion on this ,and frankly most other things ,is
clownish and

But a grateful thanks to Leil-Zahra for this elegant and powerful nail in
the coffin of the buffoon's
relevance and thanks to Michael for bringing it to our attention
Greg Adler

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> Coprolalia on Syria European pseudo-Leftists and Zizek
> Posted by Leil-Zahra on 11/12/13 . Categorized as English
> I was a bit disappointed when I read Zizek´s article on Syria. It is true
> that the people in Syria have no excuse for not making a revolution, but
> compassion is a virtue. Maybe if "comrade" Zizek could´ve taken the time to
> scribble them a manual of "Revolution 101? they could´ve been brought to
> their senses. Possibly a syllabus of recommended readings? Zizek has a lot
> to teach the people in Syria and Egypt. The European Left as a whole has
> much to share itself. I mean, Europe has been revolting for decades and the
> victories of the European Left are a source of global envy. Zizek himself
> has lead the barricades and put a stake to the heart of neoliberalism in
> his own country.
> Full: http://www.leilzahra.com/?p=642
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