[Marxism] Unity and organisation on the Australian left

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Tue Nov 19 19:34:09 MST 2013

Louis PROYECT wrote:"Do these people have any idea what was in the
Erfurt Programme? Or what Lenin proposed as a *program* for the
Russian social democracy? Or for that matter, the program found in the
Communist Manifesto? I am afraid that the Socialist Alternative people
view "program" the same way that we in the SWP did in the bad old
days, intellectual property that distinguishes you from your
competition--like the formula for Coca-Cola."

Maybe so but I think Louis misses some of the underlying meaning which
is teased out here in this article by Nick Fredman, Pip Hinman and
Susan Price

Australia: Revolutionary unity to meet the capitalist crisis --
Socialist Alliance responds to Socialist Alternative

You aren't gonna learn much from the item in Red Flag.It's  a bit
shallow to say the least but does represent the first formal public
recognition by Socialist Alternative that the unity talks have

( while leaving key discussion points hanging):

Draft points for joint leadership discussion on the politics of a
united socialist organisation

The documentation and article  are a useful antidote to  the way the
Socialist Alliance has sometimes been caricatured in this forum..

dave riley

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