[Marxism] Review of Public Enemy

Alan Wieder alanwieder at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 12:22:08 MST 2013

Louis -- no argument with what you write although I'm not sure that
crackdowns on the work you were doing in Texas were caused by WO.  Hoover
and his thugs were very active before WO in their repression of all left
struggle work.  As for South African bombings please do remember that Joe
and Ronnie and Mac were still involved long after unofficial negotiations
(and even official) with the NATS had begun.  Again, not in disagreement
with the beginning of armed struggle in SA -- as you know I write about it.

Ethan -- Bill Ayers doesn't need an apologist and I don't compare him to
Mandela.  What is historical fact is that the U.S. and British governments
labeled Madiba a terrorist.  As to the rest of what you write -- the
government suppression of blacks and anything left began long before WO

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