[Marxism] Multiculturalism, 'race' and 'difference'

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 13:28:54 MST 2013

In recent days I've stuck up some stuff on the Revo site on this subject,
including a number of pieces that first appeared well over a decade ago in
the old NZ-based *revolution* magazine.

Angelo Novo: Multiculturalism: rationalising capitalism's inability to make
the world one?:

Kenan Malik, 'Race', pluralism and the meaning of 'difference':

Grant Cronin, The politics of primitivism (book reviews):

John Edmundson, What's radical about Rasta?:

Kenan Malik, What's wrong with multiculturalism?:

This week also marks the third anniversary of the Pike River coal mine
tragedy in New Zealand, in which 29 mine workers were killed, thanks to
company negligence.  The bodies remain entombed in the mine and despite it
now being four months since a judge delivered a scathing verdict on the
company in court and ruled that they pay compensation to the mine workers'
families, not a penny has been paid.  See:


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