[Marxism] The Genocide of Capitalist Energy Policies

Red Arnie redarnie at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 23:22:31 MST 2013

After following the UN climate change conference in Warsaw through
broadcasts of Democracy Now over the past several days, I wrote the
following this afternoon:

The Genocide of Capitalist Energy Policies

Ecologists and environmentalists have adopted the term “ecocide” to
describe the irreversible damage being caused to the world’s environment
from over-development and pollution.  But the term “ecocide” focuses on
endangered species and habitats and avoids confronting the conscious
sacrifice of millions of people resulting from our current energy policies
that should be called exactly what it is, “genocide.”

Economies based on energy policies reliant on fossil fuels are genocidal
because these policies, the major cause of CO2 production and resultant
global warming, are leading inexorably to the extinction of island nations
due to rising sea levels, mass starvation in poor countries due to
droughts, and thousands of deaths in countries lacking protection from
horrific storms and insect-borne diseases.  The rich who control these
energy sources and who control these genocidal energy policies will lose
their old beach houses and marinas for their mega-yachts but will find
shelter from the initial impacts of climate change and find opportunities
for the further accumulation and concentration of wealth.  Therefore they
will continue to push for fossil fuel consumption and death to the indigent
of the world.  World Health Organization data in 2000 already indicated
significant increased deaths in the global south due to global warming in
contrast to the global north. -footnote map omitted-

Due to the neo-liberal economic policies favoring the wealthy and fossil
fuel consumption in the major polluting countries, *we now confront our
future existence on this planet with no prospect for living in a world with
a climate that mankind has known throughout recorded history*.   Although
we do not know the full horrors that global warming will continue to wreak,
we know from history that only way to stop genocide is to change the
regimes promoting these policies.  We also know from history that without
such change, all dissidents opposed to a genocidal regime are at risk to
the full lethal force of the regime.


Map [omitted] showing the estimated numbers of deaths per million people
that could be attributed to global change in the year 2000 based on data
from the World Health Organization. Map created by team of scientists led
by Jonathan Patz at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for
Sustainability and the Global Environment.
 If you would like to see the map, please write to me offline and I will
send you a pdf version of this piece including the map.

Red Arnie

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