[Marxism] suggestions

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Nov 23 08:04:41 MST 2013

On 11/23/13 8:58 AM, Peter Nikolaus Funke wrote:
> Thanks for your reply and apologies for the lack of focus. The course
> is a political science  introductory level course so covering
> conceptions of development, theories of development, dependency
> approaches, institutions, role of the state. Hope this clarifies my
> post (a bit) at least.

I would consider selections from these books:

1. Walter Rodney, "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa"

2. Eduardo Galeano, "Open Veins of Latin America"

3. Samir Amin, "Maldevelopment: Anatomy of a Global Failure"

And online:

1. Mariategui, "Seven Interpretative Essays on Peruvian Reality" 

2. Patrick Bond, "Lessons of Zimbabwe: An exchange between Patrick Bond 
and Mahmood Mamdani" (http://links.org.au/node/815/9693)

3. Socialist Register 2008: Global Flashpoints 

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