[Marxism] Interesting factoid

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 24 07:15:46 MST 2013

There's an article titled "Lenin versus 'Leninism'" in issue number five 
of Marxist Left Review (marxistleftreview.org) by Sandra Bloodworth 
(love that moniker). Here is the number of times the word intervene, 
intervention, or interventionist occurs: 21.

Footnote 8:

Tom Freeman, Lenin’s Conception of the Party: Organisational Expression 
of an Interventionist Marxism, PhD Thesis, Department of Political 
Science, University of Melbourne, 1999, Chapters 3 and 5. Freeman was a 
long term member of the International Socialist Tendency. The 
information about the early years of students and workers is from this 

Interventionist Marxism? Gosh, just what the world has been waiting for.

That was a favorite word of ours in the SWP, to "intervene". After I 
broke with sectarianism, I always cringed when I heard socialists using 
it in light of its Latin root 'intervenire', which means to come 
between. Yes, we used to "come between" all the time back in the 60s.

Bloodworth's article is filled with observations via Freeman that have 
about as much relevance to Australian politics today as the man on the moon:

"We see an activist with extraordinary determination and a preparedness 
to pay attention to the smallest details when it came to finding ways 
around state repression in order to build a party. Lenin’s argument for 
conspiratorial methods is prosecuted in minute detail. Division of 
labour is essential so that when someone falls foul of the state, they 
can be replaced more easily than if they were carrying out multiple 
tasks, all of which someone has to learn. And the removal of one small 
task is less disruptive to the wider chain of actions. It’s true that 
operating in small cells that know little of each other leads to 
isolation of individuals. So this is another argument for a party."

Another argument for a party?

Yes, let's break out the champagne, noisemakers and the paper hats. New 
Year's Eve is rapidly approaching.

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