[Marxism] Interesting factoid

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 24 16:33:12 MST 2013

From: Gary MacLenna
> They
mystery for me is, I repeat, why the Socialist Alliance, bothers. All our efforts should address the Greens as an essential element in building a broad formation.

The Greens have no interest in being part of a broad formation. They are monopolists in the field of politics. They don't even like their own left wing very much.

Socialist Alternative are on the ground in the same places as Socialist Alliance, and on the same side. They are natural allies.

It boils down to the following two options:

a. Turf war. That is, petty bourgeois shopkeeper politics.
b. Unity.

Pick One.

Now, for the moment, unity is on hold. Does that mean the other choice has to come to the fore? Well, not really. The cooperation agreement, if followed through, will hopefully tone that down.

Mind you, if I was a Socialist Alliance leader, I would be looking at what resources could be redirected into building Resistance. (Conveniently, the Resistance conference is in Brisbane in about three weeks time). Strengthening Socialist Alliance's youth work would have all kinds of benefits.

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