[Marxism] 'Women in Lead at London Marxist Conference'

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The following articles were papers presented at the Historical Materialism
Conference in London, 10 November 2013, in the panel on “A comparative
analysis of socialist/class struggle feminism in France and Britain in the
1970s and 1980s”. Josette Trat “The forgotten history of the “class
struggle feminist”
Fanny Gallot “The implications of gender equality at work on female workers
from 1968 to the 1980s in
Terry Conway “Socialist Feminism – Hidden from
Penelope Duggan “The
feminist challenge to traditional political

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> Women in Lead at London Marxism Conference
> The tenth annual Historical Materialism conference, held in London November
> 7-10, was younger and more diverse in composition than its predecessors.
> Probably the world's leading gathering of Marxist theorists, the
> conference,
> this year entitled "Making the World Working Class," welcomed 880
> registered
> participants to 140 sessions.
> Rooms at the conference site (University of London) were often filled to
> overflowing; in one session, even a presenter sat on the floor. Almost
> twenty sessions had a feminist focus, and women were more numerous and more
> prominent throughout the conference than in the past. Discussion of
> anti-racism was also significant and strong...
> For full text, go to
> http://tinyurl.com/kwuv39n
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