[Marxism] Humour? US to arm FSA with "new inventory training"

Richard Menec bookfind at mymts.net
Mon Nov 25 18:26:38 MST 2013

Don't forget the night-vision goggles and "small arms" which the DoD
incorrectly classified as "non-lethal".  I say incorrectly, since even this
minimal assistance was apparently traceable.  Why traceable, one might ask?
For drone strikes, one might reply.

And then there's the other matter of gas masks for the resistance, which the
Obama Admin. flatly refused.  Gas masks, of course, would be *real aid*.  

Michael Karadjis <mkaradjis at gmail.com>wrote:

> Geez, that'll make a great addition to those dozen or so ancient 
> radios, the handful of flak jaks and inedibale "ready-meals" they've 
> been arming them with so far ...

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