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Anthony Brain brainanthony816 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 26 11:42:10 MST 2013

For emergency international anti-war protests against American Imperialist-led dangerous escalation of military tensions with China! 

American Imperialism is dangerously escalating tensions with China with them flying B52s into that new Chinese defence zone. Max Kaiser on his show today explains why American Imperialism fears China because they are challenging their extreme parasitic control of oil based on Dollars. The Russian and Chinese planned economies despite the intentions of Stalinist Bureaucratic Castes are undermining Imperialism along with Bourgeois Nationalist regimes such as Iran who are using gold to force Imperialism to back off on sanctions. Role of Iranian gold was also mentioned on Keiser show today. John Pilger has recently come to the conclusion that Imperialism is fighting for their lives against the danger of the Chinese model severely weakening them. There should be emergency demonstrations by Stop the War Coalition against any Imperialist attack on China which could lead to China using nuclear weapons which Pilger is worried China would use if they were losing
 the conventional war. Any Imperialist attack on China could bring Russia in leading to World War 3 with the threat of all out nuclear war!

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