[Marxism] State-owned enterprises - referendum in NZ

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 15:46:37 MST 2013

At present in NZ there is a referendum on whether 49% of the shares in a
number of state-owned power companies should be sold off (some of them are
actually already on the market), along with a chunk of shares in Air New
Zealand, with the state continuing to hold 51% of the shares.

Unlike the old government departments which existed for decades up til the
mid-1980s, these companies operate according to the law of value.  They are
capitalist enterprises owned by the state, and were specifically set up by
the state to maximise profits and are even required by legislation to do
this.  They have appalling records as employers and they gouge consumers as

At Redline, we've taken the position that there's nothing in the referendum
one way or the other for workers; instead we need a new *independent*
working class politics.  Check out:


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