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Relevant to my "End of Time" review.

The Endless Reality Of The Imperfect Now
by Manuel García, Jr.

(Swans - January 2, 2012)  "If we can stop thinking about what the 
future might bring and embrace the present for what it is, we would be a 
lot better off," reasons John Gray in his Christmas Day editorial posted 
on the Internet by the BBC News Magazine, "A Point of View: The endless 
obsession with what might be." Gray is an English political philosopher 
who compares the ideas of Francis Fukuyama and Arthur Koestler to 
develop his argument, and justify his conclusion:

     The task that faces us is no different from the one that has always 
faced human beings -- renewing our lives in the face of recurring evils. 
Happily, the end never comes. Looking to an end-time is a way of failing 
to cherish the present -- the only time that is truly our own.

This is pure Zen. Also, it is exactly the perspective Raymond Aron gave 
in both The Opium of the Intellectuals (1955) and Politics and History 
(1978, especially the essay "Machiavelli and Marx"). Aron criticized the 
Christian-like historicism of Marxists, and said that "politics" not 
"revolution" would always be the order of the day, since people would 
perennially have to address the problems of the present rather than 
hoping for "salvation," or waiting for a presumed historical 
inevitability to deliver "a revolution" that would produce Nirvana: an 
ideal society in perpetual stasis, the end of history, "heaven."

full: http://www.swans.com/library/art18/mgarci37.html

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