[Marxism] The Significance of the Referral to Congress

Paul Flewers trusscott.foundation at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Sep 1 05:21:46 MDT 2013

I've just received this from a pal of mine; what do list members,
especially US ones, reckon?

Paul F

* * * * *

Obama's decision to refer to Congress military action against Syria can
only be an attempt to find reasons not to engage in military operations and
reminds me of Michael Jackson's reverse walk.


Declaring war in the US has always been considered a Presidential
prerogative which the Presidency has always guarded jealously, although a
part of Congress has disputed this power. Indeed, in his speech Obama was
at pains to state that his Congressional consultation on this occasion in
no way compromised the Presidential prerogative -- though it obviously does.

There can be no doubt that a reference to Congress does indeed undermine
the Presidential prerogative because it establishes a precedent and
therefore a legitimate expectation the next time war becomes an issue. It
is not inconsequential.

The current crisis over Syria does not entail a decision to go to war. All
that is proposed is a symbolic punishment strike. So, even less reason to
unnecessarily circumscribe the Presidential prerogative.

In motivating a Congressional review, Obama makes reference to Cameron's
Commons vote. What politician, before the very critical and sceptical eyes
of the world, wanting an initiative to succeed, makes reference to an
identical event that ended in failure?

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