[Marxism] The Significance of the Referral to Congress

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Sun Sep 1 07:44:23 MDT 2013

On Sep 1, 2013, at 7:21 AM, Paul Flewers wrote:
> I've just received this from a pal of mine; what do list members,
> especially US ones, reckon?
> Paul F
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> Obama's decision to refer to Congress military action against Syria  
> can
> only be an attempt to find reasons not to engage in military  
> operations and
> reminds me of Michael Jackson's reverse walk.
> Reasoning:
> Declaring war in the US has always been considered a Presidential
> prerogative which the Presidency has always guarded jealously...

US Constitution, Article I Section 8: "The Congress shall have  
Power...To declare War"

The founders, notably Madison and Hamilton, were very explicit that  
this means that the power to take the country to war is *denied* to  
the Office of the President. Until the advent of the Imperial  
Presidency and its Cold War, warmongering presidents had to provide  
pretexts and provocations (The Maine, The Zimmerman Telegram, Pearl  
Harbor etc.) in order to get a declaration of War.  Since then, bald  
fictions (North Korean invasion of the South, Gulf of Tonkin attack,  
Kossovo massacres,WMDs, etc.) have usually sufficed to get retroactive  
congressional consent to undeclared and therefore unconstitutional wars.

Shane Mage
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