[Marxism] Three new piece of Syria & I take on Kucinich

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 00:58:44 MDT 2013

Good Evening,

I hope you enjoyed your labor day. I labored to produce these:

      How Obama Helped Assad Kill with Poison Gas in Syria

> There are now at least two ways we know of in which the Obama
> administration assisted the Assad regime in the successful gassing of
> its own people.
> I have already blogged about how the Obama administration denied
> elementary chemical weapons protection to the opposition in: Obama
> Denied Gas Masks to Assad's Victims
> <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2013/08/obama-denied-gas-masks-to-assads-victims.html>


That was this afternoon. The real headliner there is that Obama knew
about the chemical attacks 3 days in advance and did nothing.

I also published an Arabic translation of Why Support the Syrian
which I published on 21 July 2013

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But my really big labor of love today was this:

      Recycled Lies: Critique of the Kucinich letter on Syria

> On 30 August 2013, Dennis Kucinich sent out a letter stating his views
> on the questions facing us following the gas attack in East Ghouta,
> Damascus, Syria that killed more than fourteen hundred people. He sent
> it out to 200,000 recipients and it has been republished numerous
> places including here at truthdig.
> <http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/inhumane_war_in_the_name_of_humanity_20130830/>
> His piece arguments that we do nothing beyond talk to stop the
> slaughter of Syrians by their own government, he gives a very
> pro-Assad slant on events, and he misrepresents the factual record in
> a willful and malicious way. For all these reasons, and because I
> never forget that lives hang in the balance, I feel compelled to take
> on Kucinich's letter in detail.

        More ...

That all for now,


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