[Marxism] Who Used Sarin in Syria?

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/I will likely take a few days off from blogging now and catch up on
some other things but I wanted to get this out first. I find it so sad
that so many on the Left are trying to duck the issue and blame the

      Who Used Sarin in Syria?

> The massive causalities from the chemical weapons attack in East
> Ghouta, suburban Damascus has brought the two and a half year old
> conflict in Syria to the attention of the whole world. The many
> pictures and videos this event produced of hundreds of lifeless bodies
> with no outwards signs of trauma left little doubt that a chemical
> weapons attack had taken place even before any lab result could come back.
> But the question of who was responsible for this, and the other
> earlier but smaller, chemical attacks that have taken place since
> December has been a hotly contested one. While many have blamed the
> regime for all of these attacks, the regime and its supporters have in
> turn, blamed the opposition.
> With regards to the attack on the morning of 21 August, a very strong
> prima facie case can be made that the Assad regime bears
> responsibility. The Syrian Army is known to possess large stockpiles
> of sarin, VX and mustard gas and have special units equip and trained
> to deploy them whereas al Qaeda or groups affiliated with it have
> never used nerve gas anywhere. This was a very large and sophisticated
> attack that involved eight separate locations and rockets specifically
> designed to carry chemicals. Over a thousand people were killed and
> the gas was dispersed at the very best time, 3am, when winds are calm
> and people are asleep. This attack was definitely carried out by a
> force the knew how to effectively use chemical weapons.
> No poison gas reached regime areas. All of the rockets fell in
> opposition areas that had been under siege by the Assad regime for
> months. They had already pounded it with artillery, jet aircraft and
> conventional weapons without being able to reduce it. Then after the
> gas attack, they resumed the artillery barrage to destroy the evidence
> while they kept the UN investigators out. They also set fires to help
> clear residue gas.
> Still there have been strong currents on the Left who claim that they
> are clueless about who could be behind this genocidal attack. They
> dismiss the prima facie evidence as they dismiss the pictures of dead
> children. They talk like lawyers for Assad, demanding he be given the
> benefit of the doubt, no matter his other crimes. They counsel nothing
> should be done until all are satisfied by indisputable proof. They
> wonder /"Why the rush?"/ They are not very concerned with preventing
> future attacks.
> There is another strong current on the Left that is striving to blame
> the victims. They are trying desperately to exonerate the Assad regime
> and come up with some theory on how Assad's opposition, the /"rebels"/
> are behind all of the chemical attacks, including this most recent
> one, just as the Assad Regime claims.
> One of the most ridiculous stories to come out along these lines in
> recent days has been this tale spun by two writers for MintPress. They
> have published a story
> <http://www.mintpressnews.com/witnesses-of-gas-attack-say-saudis-supplied-rebels-with-chemical-weapons/168135/>
> claiming interviews in which rebel fighters admitted that they
> accidentally killed all those people that night when they fumbled a
> tank of sarin gas they had gotten from Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia:


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