[Marxism] would Russia have been justified to attack Israel over 2008 Gaza massacre?

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Wed Sep 4 07:53:01 MDT 2013

On Wed, September 4, 2013 15:40, Rajesh Roy wrote:
> Meanwhile, I would like to request an answer to this one question: is the
> "anti-dictator left" supportive of US military action in Syria?

Well obviously there is no unified "anti-dictator left" (but there should
have been!) so you have to ask each person. Speaking for myself, I am not
"supportive" of US military action (more because it won't help, rather
than because they don't have a right to). But most importantly I don't
think that is the right question to ask just at the very time that Assad
is trying to see if he can get away with using what is viewed as an
illegal weapon (though I'm equally against his use of "legal" weapons) and
faces international scrutiny. And yes, some of those "scrutinizing" him
are equally or more guilty of war crimes, and arguably don't have any
authority in denouncing Assad. But so what? I can assure you that I
personally HAVE NEVER GASSED ANYONE, and so I can denounce Assad in good
conscience, and I won't change that just because some imperialists repeat
that denunciation. What would you expect?

- Jeff


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