[Marxism] Mumblings over East Ghouta, reaction to a Peter Lee article

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Sep 4 08:57:16 MDT 2013

Peter, in your CP article today, you write:

"Inevitably, there are also mumblings linking Saudi Arabia to the supply 
of sarin gas to the rebels."

This is linked to a Mint Press News article that now carries a disclaimer:

“Some information in this article could not be independently verified. 
Mint Press News will continue to provide further information and updates.”

The story about the rebels "accidentally" causing the deaths of over a 
thousand Syrians is pretty well discredited at this point, given the 
ludicrousness of a single accident in a tunnel leading to over 7 
different villages being stricken. But the Saudi connection the article 
makes is just as troubling.

As Lebanon-based blogger/journalist Antonin Gregoire has pointed out, 
the credentials of the reporter the Mint Press article relies on is are 
quite suspect:


Apart from the testimonies, the article relies on other articles to 
strengthen the idea of a Saudi involvement.

First, an article from business insiders written by Geoffrey Ingersoll. 
Please note that Ingersoll is a Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran 
and writes things like “The UK Was Totally Justified Detaining 
Greenwald’s Partner“

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