[Marxism] Some Thoughts on the International Position of Syria

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Sep 4 09:55:49 MDT 2013

On 9/4/13 11:52 AM, Paul Flewers wrote:
  > Here is part of an e-mail discussion between two pals (shown as AA 
and BB)
> about the international ramifications of the situation in Syria that may be
> of interest.
> Paul F
> **************************
> AA: Russia has an interest in keeping the regime in power because it is an
> ally. For example, (a) it gives Russia its only Mediterranean port, (b) it
> is willing to prevent the building of oil pipelines through Syria that
> could reduce the effect of the Russian monopoly of gas supplies to Europe.

More on the rivalries between Russia and the USA:

Fischer played the Ruy Lopez, an opening on which he was a great expert. 
He initiated a dangerous attack on Spassky's king with 26.Bb3!, suddenly 
placing Black in a critical situation. Spassky sacrificed the exchange 
for a pawn, reaching a sharp endgame where his two connected passed 
pawns gave almost sufficient compensation for Fischer's small material 
advantage. Spassky had drawing chances, but played inexactly, and 
Fischer won the game with precise play.

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