[Marxism] Mumblings over East Ghouta, reaction to a Peter Lee article

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 15:26:17 MDT 2013

This was my take on the Saudi connection:

Who Used Sarin in

> There is something else about this MintPress story that marks it as a
> fabrication and that is the way everybody interviewed in Ghouta is throwing
> around Prince Bandar's name. Everybody seems to know that the sarin came
> from him. This story seems quite improbable because Saudi Arabia has no
> known chemical weapons program, never had one, and no stockpiles of
> chemical weapons and would seem unlikely to have a secret one because they
> already enjoy the US nuclear umbrella and would pay a high price with that
> patron if word of a secret Saudi WMD program ever where to come out.
> But ignoring all that, even if the Saudis were supplying a chemical weapon
> to a rebel group, why would the Saudi intelligence chief wanted it known
> that he, personally, was responsible for bringing a war crimes violation to
> Syria. That would be very stupid and Prince Bandar is anything but stupid.
> But the obsession this MintPress story has with Saudi Prince Bandar, in a
> short article it mentions him 15 times, does more than brand it as a
> fabrication, it gives us a clue who the original story tellers are because
> as Free Cow points out *"Syrian Mukhabarat are obsessed with prince
> Bandar Bin Sultan."* Check their article<http://antoningregoire.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/debunked-syrian-rebels-admit-to-ap-reporter-they-mishandled-the-chemical-weapons-given-by-saudi-arabia/>for more background on this. So based on that signature, this story
> probably originated with Assad's security services and all of these Left
> websites that republish or promote this story are actually promoting the
> fascist propaganda of Assad's Mukhabarat.

That includes you Daniel.

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> Peter, in your CP article today, you write:
> "Inevitably, there are also mumblings linking Saudi Arabia to the supply
> of sarin gas to the rebels."
> This is linked to a Mint Press News article that now carries a disclaimer:
> “Some information in this article could not be independently verified.
> Mint Press News will continue to provide further information and updates.”
> The story about the rebels "accidentally" causing the deaths of over a
> thousand Syrians is pretty well discredited at this point, given the
> ludicrousness of a single accident in a tunnel leading to over 7 different
> villages being stricken. But the Saudi connection the article makes is just
> as troubling.
> As Lebanon-based blogger/journalist Antonin Gregoire has pointed out, the
> credentials of the reporter the Mint Press article relies on is are quite
> suspect:
> http://antoningregoire.**wordpress.com/2013/09/03/**
> debunked-syrian-rebels-admit-**to-ap-reporter-they-**
> mishandled-the-chemical-**weapons-given-by-saudi-arabia/<http://antoningregoire.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/debunked-syrian-rebels-admit-to-ap-reporter-they-mishandled-the-chemical-weapons-given-by-saudi-arabia/>
> Apart from the testimonies, the article relies on other articles to
> strengthen the idea of a Saudi involvement.
> First, an article from business insiders written by Geoffrey Ingersoll.
> Please note that Ingersoll is a Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran and
> writes things like “The UK Was Totally Justified Detaining Greenwald’s
> Partner“
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