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Unfortunately, the WikiLeaks Party, which held some promise even if vague
on a lot of policy (which is to be expected) pretty much destroyed itself
instantly due to grossly opportunist election preference deals in some
states with the far right (including pretty much open fascists). In Western
Australia, their preference deal runs the risk of Greens Senator Scott
Ludlum losing to a right wing Nations senator, who WikiLeaks absolutely
bizarrely chose to preference over Ludlum despite the fact Ludlum has been
the most outspoken support of Assange and WikiLeaks in the Australian

(Australia has a system of preferences where by you vote 1 through to
however many candidates there are, from you most favoured to your least,
with the idea being if your most favoured is knocked out, the vote goes to
your second most favoured and so on. WikiLeaks put fascists and other right
forces above the Greens and socialists and other progressives -- in return
for preferences from these forces. Unfortunately, the only group I know of
that does not do opportunist "preference swap" deals, but preferences on a
principled way from left to right is the socialists, such as Socialist

WikiLeaks Party's actions caused a near instantaneous walk out of many,
including leading, members -- including the second candidate on their
Victorian senate list, the person who would have been senator had Assange
won but been unable to take his seat. It was almost stunning to see how
quickly the party blew itself up. It makes little sense, as the whole point
of WikiLeaks is the idea of principle and not being opportunist "politics
as usual", but (it seems with Assange's direct help) . In some cases (such
as over the Ludlum debacle) Assange has sought to keep his distance, and
rightly pointed out that he very much supports and appreciates Ludlum's
work on his behalf... in other cases, he appears to have been part of it

The upshot is many of the most active and vocal supporters of WIkiLeaks
itself and Assange are not just not in the party, they are now actually
hostile to it.

See: http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/54812

And the resignation letter of WikiLeaks National Council member and one of
the founders of WIkiLeaks (the whistleblowing site) from the party, in
disgust and with sadness given his long association with Assange:

Resignation letters from the party by a number of leading members,
including Vic senate number 2 candidate:

Even on the most opportunist level, it was a terrible error to behave in
such a grossly cynical and opportunist fashion, because that is not the
WikiLeaks "brand". The "brand" is the exact opposite -- even if you only
meant it cynically, it was the height of stupidity.

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> Thanks for this update, Sree Gary.. what are your thoughts on the
> prospects of the Wikileaks party?
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> Saturday's poll looks set to give the conservative/ radical Right a big to
> huge victory over the right wing Labor Government.
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