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Twisted logic and I assume Assad staff is like minded.

So which "false flag" theory do you favour today?

1) accident in the tunnel kills people in 7 locations

2) rebels fire home made rockets in daylight that land next morning.

3) rebels kidnapped 300 children in Latakia and smuggled them to Damascus
for a photo shoot

4) US spy op revealed in wife's hacked emails.

Or do you have another one?

They are popping up like mushrooms and I may be falling behind.

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New Left Strategy: Minimize the deaths in
then blame what remains on the rebels.

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On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 8:25 AM, Daniel Rocha <danieldiniz at gmail.com> wrote:

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> For the conspiracy types like me, it doesn't matter what US declares or
> not. It matters how the material conditions presents itself for an
> intervention and I assume Assad staff is like minded.
> The White House probably calculated that now is the moment Syria is
> weakened enough that even a very weak and cheap attack could topple Assad.
> And that they are so impoverished, whoever won, would likely accept
> anything in exchange for financial help.
> So, now, a red flag attack, like a poisonous attack is a much better show
> to give a political liability for an invasion. So, Assad would not do that,
> but the 'rebels' (which is surely an extremely loose 'coalition'), would
> surely be prone for that.
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