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Fri Sep 6 11:37:45 MDT 2013

> if and until further details appear, the only real way to encrypt is
> with strong 2048+-bit encryption, with safe keys, in a safe shell,  
> with
> a safe encryption program, on a safe computer. the latter is a bit
> tricky, because Schneier claims NSA has perfected getting into an
> arbitrary PC on the network. He (or someone i read last night)  
> suggested
> set up a (clean) computer off the network, set up safe encryption,
> encrypt, then USB-walk the file to a networked computer.
> Les

this was described by Peter Maas in his NYT article on Laura Poitras's  
role in the (ongoing) Snowden revelations:

> This past January, Laura Poitras received a curious e-mail from an  
> anonymous stranger requesting her public encryption key. For almost  
> two years, Poitras had been working on a documentary about  
> surveillance, and she occasionally received queries from strangers.  
> She replied to this one and sent her public key — allowing him or  
> her to send an encrypted e-mail that only Poitras could open, with  
> her private key — but she didn’t think much would come of it.
> The stranger responded with instructions for creating an even more  
> secure system to protect their exchanges. Promising sensitive  
> information, the stranger told Poitras to select long pass phrases  
> that could withstand a brute-force attack by networked computers.  
> “Assume that your adversary is capable of a trillion guesses per  
> second,” the stranger wrote...

> ...Once she began working on her surveillance film in 2011, she  
> raised her digital security to an even higher level. She cut down  
> her use of a cellphone, which betrays not only who you are calling  
> and when, but your location at any given point in time. She was  
> careful about e-mailing sensitive documents or having sensitive  
> conversations on the phone. She began using software that masked the  
> Web sites she visited. After she was contacted by Snowden in 2013,  
> she tightened her security yet another notch. In addition to  
> encrypting any sensitive e-mails, she began using different  
> computers for editing film, for communicating and for reading  
> sensitive documents (the one for sensitive documents is air-gapped,  
> meaning it has never been connected to the Internet).


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