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Fri Sep 6 21:54:17 MDT 2013

Like the Panthers used to say, scratch a liberal, find a pig.


[From the post:]

[T]his is truly information that plenty of bad guys probably didn't know....

But now that's all changed. Now every bad guy in the world knows for a fact
that commercial crypto won't help them....

For what it's worth, this is about the point where I get off the Snowden
train. It's true that some of these disclosures are of clear public
interest. In particular, I'm thinking about the details of NSA efforts to
infiltrate and corrupt the standards setting groups that produce commercial
crypto schemes.

But the rest of it is a lot more dubious. It's not clear to me how
disclosing NSA's decryption breakthroughs benefits the public debate much,
unlike previous disclosures that have raised serious questions about the
scope and legality of NSA's surveillance of U.S. persons. Conversely, it's *
really* easy to see how disclosing them harms U.S. efforts to keep up our
surveillance on genuine bad guys.

*  *  *

"our surveillance on genuine bad guys." A phrase that pretty much sums up
this smug, self-satisfied white imperialist liberal's case. This Mother
Jones blogger's name is Kevin Drum, and he's one of those liberals who was
for the invasion of Iraq before he was against it.

I would have imagined that it wouldn't take much more than a flea's
intelligence to realize that when you break security and privacy measures,
you break them for EVERYONE, not just "the genuine bad guys."

Moreover, since the NSA budgeted $25 million last year to BUY information
on security flaws from bad guys not in order to fix them, but exploit them,
just because some bad guys may not have known doesn't mean other bad guys
weren't using the very same flaws against us.

And the real problem isn't that some bank may lose a few million. The
problem is that if security equipment and protocols have been sufficiently
undermined, it *may* be possible to stage an attack that would shut down
foreign exchange markets, trading in an important commodity or a stock
exchange. Especially if the attack altered who owned what assets or cash

The consequence could well be a paralysis of the world financial and
trading systems, leading in very short order to a catastrophic collapse of
the real economy on the ground ... with the most affected being the most
advanced and computerized economies.

Let us hope that what Snowden has done with this leak, by putting us on
guard against the danger, may help avoid that doomsday scenario.


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