[Marxism] My anti-Semitic stalker

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Sep 7 19:09:34 MDT 2013

As as sign of the degeneration of the North Star website, the editors 
posted this comment from someone who calls himself the Bulgarian Trotskyist:

Imperialism relies to no small extent upon upper middle-class pieces of 
human garbage like Proyect to put a “left” gloss on its wars for 
regional and global domination.


This guy is really quite disturbed. He posts up to 3 comments a day that 
do not get through my spam filter on my blog. Why the new crew at North 
Star thought this comment was worth passing on to their readers is quite 
a mystery but then again, on the day they took over, they posted a 
Youtube clip of George Galloway who is on the Baathist payroll.

Anyhow, the "Bulgarian Trotskyist" just posted this jewel on my blog, 
caught once again in my spam filter:

"The phony left is mainly close zionist Trotskyist groups pro Israel. We 
don't have left in the west. Those who call themself 'left' are exactly 
these group all pro 'jewish state'. Otherwise no one would support al 
qaeda through "humanitarian intervention" of the Cowboy, and baby killer 
Obama, who was installed by Jewish bankers and groups like Jewish Lobby. 
His mission is to help Israel to erect "greater Israel" according to 
Oded Ynion in the region using American might. He is a 5th columnist and 
the first JEWISH PRESIDENT in the US, according to James Petras. The 
wars against Muslim is led by the zionist jews, mainly and their 
extension christian zionist war mongers. Obama is a war criminal must be 
impeached now, then arrested and send to fucking ICC, a whore house full 
of pimps, zionist tools against the weaker states. Down with the phony 
left in the service of the imperial wars."

Don't you love he business about Obama, the Jewish president according 
to James Petras? And the reference to Zionist Jews? No wonder Nick 
Griffin got the red carpet treatment in Damascus.

The longer I am around these ideological wars between the aging fans of 
Qaddafi and al-Assad who think that Che Guevara is still alive--like 
Elvis--and people in touch with reality, the more I am convinced that to 
write shameless propaganda for the Baathists requires a compromise with 
basic political and ethical values that if led to their full logic would 
put these comrades on the other side of the barricades like Lyndon 
Larouche in 1975 or so.

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