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(The subject heading is the epigraph to E.M. Forester's "Howard's End")

September 7, 2013
In Egypt, a Welcome for Syrian Refugees Turns Bitter

CAIRO — Dozens of men with clubs and knives stormed a charity for Syrian 
refugees a few days after the Egyptian military ousted President Mohamed 
Morsi — making it clear they were no longer welcome in Egypt.

“You Syrians — you’re setting the country on fire,” the attackers yelled 
in July as they beat Raqan Abulkheir, who is originally from Homs in 
central Syria. He runs the refugee center out of an apartment in a Cairo 
suburb where thousands of Syrians have settled. His 25-year-old son was 
bludgeoned over the head and left in a coma.

During the two and a half years of civil war in Syria, more than two 
million people have fled the country, most of them taking up residence 
as refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. But as many as 300,000 have 
eventually made their way to Egypt, where they were welcomed, including 
by Mr. Morsi and his Islamist allies, who were vocal backers of the 
rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad.

“The people here supported us,” said Mohamed Taher, a filmmaker from 
northern Syria. “Egyptians did what they could to help Syrians. They 
went out of their way to do more.”

But as public anger grew against Mr. Morsi leading up to his ouster, the 
Syrians were cast as his allies. And, along with other foreigners, they 
were made scapegoats as the military took power and warned of external 
plots to destabilize Egypt, unleashing a suffocating xenophobia in the 
news media and on the streets.



Here’s Michele Bachmann thanking the Egyptian military for the coup and 
By Max Fisher, Updated: September 7, 2013

Three U.S. lawmakers who have generated controversy for their statements 
about Islam and Muslim Americans released a video Saturday praising the 
Egyptian military and thanking it for staging the July 3 and subsequent 
crackdowns against their “common enemy,” the Muslim Brotherhood. The 
video, apparently taken a few hours after meeting with coup leader 
General Abdel Fatah el-Sissi in Cairo, features Rep. Michele Bachmann 
reading a statement to the camera. She’s flanked by Reps. Steve King and 
Louie Gohmert.

The video, posted below, is a doozy. Bachmann, presumably supported by 
King and Gohmert, offers fulsome praise for the coup and the 
military-led government’s subsequent actions, describing its crackdowns 
against sit-ins and demonstrations as “the front lines” in “the war on 
terrorism.” She described the Muslim Brotherhood as a common enemy and a 
“great evil,” implying that it had been responsible for the attacks 
against the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001. King and Gohmert offered similar but 
more tempered remarks.

“Together, our country, the United States and Egypt have dealt with the 
same enemy. It’s a common enemy,” Bachmann said, apparently conflating 
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, a  political organization that renounced 
violence decades ago and has millions of supporters in the country, with 
extremist terrorists. “It’s an enemy called terrorism. Now the people of 
Egypt have spoken.”


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