[Marxism] New Revelations -- NSA caught lying about economic spying

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Sun Sep 8 21:38:33 MDT 2013

Just Friday a week ago the Washington  Post was reporting outraged 
denials from the NSA that it engaged in spying on businesses:

In an article about more than 200 cyber attacks the U.S. had launched in 
2011, WaPo reporters Barton Gellman and Ellen Nakashima wrote:

*  *  *

    U.S. intelligence services are making routine use around the world
    of government-built malware that differs little in function from the
    “advanced persistent threats” that U.S. officials attribute to
    China. The principal difference, U.S. officials told The Post, is
    that China steals U.S. corporate secrets for financial gain.

    “The Department of Defense does engage” in computer network
    exploitation, according to an e-mailed statement from an NSA
    spokesman, whose agency is part of the Defense Department. “The
    department does ***not*** engage in economic espionage in any
    domain, including cyber.”

*  *  *

On the basis of newly revealed Snowden documents, Glenn Greenwald 
reported Sunday night on Brazil's most important TV network that the NSA 
had spied on the Brazilian oil giant Petrobras, which is, according to 
Wikipedia, "the largest company in the Southern Hemisphere by market 
capitalization and the largest in Latin America measured by 2011 revenues."

No details on what the NSA learned were offered, just that the company's 
internal networks were penetrated by the NSA.

In  response to the revelation, chief spook James Klapper said in a 
statement that "it is not a secret that the Intelligence Community 
collects information about economic and financial matters, and terrorist 
financing." Maybe he should tell his NSA mouthpieces.

The scandal surrounding the NSA has been steadily gaining momentum. It 
started with the revelation that it was keeping records of the 
"metadata" of all phone and electronic communications. Other leaks 
followed, fleshing out and extending the original report, including a 
report that Brazil had been heavily targeted.

Then a week ago, Greenwald reported that among the individual targets of 
NSA spying was Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and her staff and 
Mexico's Enrique Peña Nieto. Luis Ex-President Inacio Lula da Silva 
condemned the spying and said that the U.S. "should apologize to the 
entire world." Rousseff cancelled the sending of an advance team to 
prepare for her visit in later October, which has now been thrown into 
question. Peña Nieto on the other hand seemed to be satisfied with a 
private promise from Obama that the U.S. would investigate itself.

On Thursday came the bombshell that the NSA had broken many of the 
Internet's basic security and privacy technologies, and that private 
companies had helped, for example Microsoft, which is said to have given 
the spooks pre-encryption access to data stored on its outlook mail 
servers. In internal documents, the agency even bragged about having 
corrupted the process for setting international cryptography standards.

And now for Monday der Spiegel has announced a report on how the NSA has 
accessed data stored on smartphones.


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