[Marxism] CORRECTED LINKS: Eight new pieces from Linux Beach

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 9 03:09:24 MDT 2013

At 21:14 08-09-13 -0700, Clay Claiborne wrote:
>Hope you had a good weekend. As you will I've been busy.

(You've been TOO busy! Thanks for your great work, but next time check that your links work from someone else's computer :-)

>In Solidarity,

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09/07/2013 *Why Alan Grayson & Sarah Palin are united on Syria
09/06/2013 Syria: To Deny the Revolution is to Oppose the Revolution
09/04/2013 ANSWER Coalition lacks awareness on Syria
09/03/2013 *Who Used Sarin in Syria?

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