[Marxism] Is Putin Really Planning To Bomb Saudi Arabia? And Syrian rebels with sarin tripping in tunnels ...

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Tue Sep 10 08:59:19 MDT 2013

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From: "Shane Mage" <shmage at pipeline.com>

> This brings me to the most obvious question: Why would Putin bomb 
> Saudi Arabia? And a more serious question: What makes that rumor even 
> remotely credible, bizarre as that may sound?
> The answer involves a little-reported meeting between Putin and Saudi 
> Arabia’s powerful intelligence chief, Prince Bandar, on July 31 of 
> this year. The Saudis and Bandar are the main backers of the Syrian 
> opposition forces fighting against Bashir al-Assad’s army. The Saudis 
> back the whole range of opposition forces, including the Al 
> Qaeda-linked al-Nusra jihadis, who are among the best fighters —

I'm not much interested in the strange question of whether Russia 
planned to bomb Saudi Arabia, but it bugs me that people continue to 
write obvious falsehoods as if with great authority. It is unclear where 
this particular discussion came from that Shane sent, but when I yet 
again see the assertion that Saudi Arabia is backing and arming Al Qaida 
in Syria, I’m reminded again of what for me was one of the most obvious 
holes in the strange story of rebels accidentally dropping the sarin in 
some tunnel.

That story claimed that the FSA rebels were on a mission unwittingly 
carrying chemical weapons, not knowing what they were, from the Saudis 
at the Jordanian border, to Al-Nusra.

The need to make up this story is obvious: the main problem with the FSA 
doing it was that the chemical weapons killed their families back home 
while they were on the front lines; the main problem with Al Qaida doing 
it was, if they have chemicals, and little regard for human life, then 
funny how they haven’t been using them liberally in the war. So the need 
to bring in an outside power to supply it to Al Qaida, and the need for 
the FSA to not know it was all happening (but give them the blame 

The fact that Al-Qaida’s reason for existence is to overthrow the Saudi 
monarchy, who they see as arch-infidels, apparently has no bearing on 
people continually making such statements, and in particular on people 
trying to concoct some alibi for Assad.

Saudi Arabia and Al Qaida have almost identical extremist salafist 
ideologies, but that doesn’t alter the fact that they hate each others 
guts like poison. Syria is nothing if not complicated, but I wish people 
could at least get that right.

So, for several months now, Saudi Arabia has been involved in trying to 
build a “national Syrian army” from Baathist defector military officers 
in Jordan. The project is backed by the US, with the difference that to 
date, the Saudis have actually tried to get arms to the regular FSA 
inside Syria in the south (and in the last couple of months have been 
more successful), in order for this puppet force building in Jordan to 
try to gain some credibility, whereas the US has tried its utmost to 
block any weapons at all getting across to the FSA if it can, and bugger 
the need for cred, the US only intends its tools to come to power either 
in a palace coup, or, if the US does attack, from the top.

Three important points about this development.

First, much of the FSA on the ground in Syria, and most of the 
Islamists, are deeply suspicious of this initiative, which they 
understand as an attempt to steal their efforts from above; 
nevertheless, in the south the FSA has a working arrangement with it, to 
the extent that some weapons can get past the US obstacles.

Second, as ex-Baathist officers, this outfit, backed by the Saudi 
theocracy, is entirely secular, just like the Mubarakist military the 
Saudis just heavily backed to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. 
Whether moderate Islamists like the Brotherhood (much softer than the 
Saudis) or extremist salafists like Al-Qaida (similar or harder than the 
Saudis), one thing the Saudis hate is Islamic revolutionaries, who would 
like to replace the Saudi monarchy with a clerical-influenced republic 
(the Brotherhood) or a direct clerical dictatorship (Al Qaida)

Third, it has been widely discussed that part of the aim of this army, 
apart from allegedly overthrowing Assad, will be to fight Al-Qaida in 
Syria, like the Sunni Anbar brigades the US eventually got going in Iraq

Oh yes, Saudi Arabia wanted to supply Al-Qaida with chemical weapons. A 
dead giveaway that the story was just stupid.

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