[Marxism] Is Putin Really Planning To Bomb Saudi Arabia? And Syrian rebels with sarin tripping in tunnels ...

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Sep 10 09:26:30 MDT 2013

On 9/10/13 11:19 AM, Daniel Rocha wrote:
> I really don't see the contradiction in giving al-qaeda chemical weapons,
> even though they are deadly enemies.

Why don't you look at the effort that went into Karadjis's post? I have 
yet to see anything from you that could not be likened to a 20 watt 
light bulb. Who gives a flying fuck about you not seeing a 
contradiction? Is there any point to you being on this mailing list 
except sharing your feelings? There are 1300 subscribers from around the 
planet trying to dig beneath the surface of current events. Get with the 
program, dude.

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