[Marxism] Soaring use of Chinese yuan to settle trades reflects its rapid economic rise

Charlie charles1848 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 10 12:34:49 MDT 2013

When a currency is used in a significant amount of trade, the issuing 
country gains flexibility. It can buy from other countries - including 
the "purchase" of investments - without having to sell first.

Wider use of the renminbi also facilitates foreign investment in China, 
which seems to remain one of the anchors of Chinese capitalism run by a 
local capitalist class that writes the rules while it bargains with 
international capitals over divinding the spoils of exploitation.

Ralph Johansen wrote:
I have the impression that the currency used for payment is not 
particularly significant. What counts is what currency commodities are 
priced in, and that is not changing. Is this not accurate?

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